About the Inventor: Adrian Chernoff, age 33, grew up in the southwest town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He spent his youth and most of his educational years in Albuquerque, where he earned several degrees: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Engineering, and an MBA.

He has worked at several companies, including a stint at NASA working on robotics and space station projects, at Walt Disney as an Imagineer designing and creating theme park rides, and at General Motors, where he was instrumental in designing innovative concept vehicles.

In his free time he enjoys traveling, nature, and being creative. He likes the challenge of thinking up new ideas and trying to figure out how to make them become reality. One of his goals in inventing is to create ideas and objects that help make life a little bit easier. He has compiled a half a dozen idea journals and has 84 patents awarded and pending. Adrian currently lives in Michigan.

Contact the Inventor: Adrian Chernoff
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